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STIC FVDI J2534 error "An active IDS software license is not found" solution

STIC FVDI J2534 Ford Mazda got an error "An active IDS software license is not found on your computer and is required to establish communications with the vehicle". engineer solution: Please install Ford IDS software in one computer and install Mazda IDS software in another computer.

visit: Click on "Download".

  -> For Ford...



Hyundai IX35 2018 - 2019 Mileage change how is the best?

Customer Qustion: Can you recommend something OBDSTAR tool to me? I need odometer tool for Hyundai IX35 2018 - 2019 how is the best? Thanks Suggestion  from OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS and OBDSTAR ODO Master both can do mileage change for  Hyundai IX35 2018 - 2019 via OBD. Here is how to use: Part 1: obdstar odo master Hyundai IX35 2018 - mileage calibration via obd...


obdstar x300 DP Plus Add Key Dacia 2018 Transponder Chip 4A

OBDSTAR X300 plus add key Dacia 2018 transponder chip 4A by GINEKEY.   Connect obdstar x300 plus to the Dacia 2018 via OBD cable.   Immobiliser -> Dacia V30.73   Have options: Read /Calculate PinCode Program keys Select Program keys   Select "Duster".   Select "2014 - 2018".   Read message "This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the Internet ...


OBDSTAR ODO MASTER car list and price: up to 2018 2019 year

This article is available with OBDSTAR ODO MASTER (X300M+) odometer correction tool car list and price. Lots images will be attached, such as OBDSTAR ODO MASTER correct mileage on Ford /Lincoln (Up to 2019 year) / on Chrysler (Up to 2018 - ) / on GM (Up to 2018 - ) etc.   Generally speaking, OBDSTAR ODO MASTER car list = OBDSTAR x300 dp plus car list (only for odometer...



Important Tips Of OBDSTAR Odomter Correction For Peugeot Citroen

If you are planning to use obdstar X300 dp plus to do Peugeot Citroen mileage correction, it’s very necessary to read the following tips. IMPORTANT Be sure to backup before correcting mileage.   1: The dashboard mileage should be corrected first ( Because the dashboard needs to through BSI to communication via OBD).   2: VERY IMPORTANT When the screen displays “Mileage...


OBDSTAR X100 PRO/ OBDPROG MT601 Correct Audi RB4 odometer by OBD

Q:Can I use OBDstar X100 PRO  for Audi RB4 mileage correction? A: Yes! It can! Here is the tutorial of how to change mileage for Audi RB4 with OBDPROG MT601 (OBDSTAR X100PRO) via OBD Kindly note: OBDSTAR X100PRO=OBDPROG MT601, they share the same function and Carlist, only the name and look different Here you are: Connect MT601/ X100 PRO with the vehicle via OBD diagnostic...


OBDSTAR Fiat Ferrari Ford Odometer Correction Upgrade

OBDSTAR X300 DP / DP PLUS Adds Fiat/Ferrari/Ford  odometer correction  Fiat [V31.08] Upgrade Increased Talento 2016- Block ABS cluster calibration Increased Talento 2017- Block ABS cluster calibration Increased Talento 2016- Unlock DASH cluster calibration Increased Talento 2017- Unlock DASH cluster calibration Ferrari [V31.08] Upgrade Increased 488 GTB 2014- cluster...


Kia V2 PCF7953 Key Renew With OBDSTAR OBDPROG Key RT

OBDSTAR OBDPROG Key RT can easily renew key on a wide range of car brands. This article is available with Kia V2 (PCF7953) key renew procedure from the connection with the computer, to connect the chip according to the wiring diagram, to key renew successfully in one minute.   OBDSTAR OBDPROG Key RT Package: Main unit Main cable W001 W003 PCF adapter PCF...